Surface Marker Buoy Overview

A Surface Marker Buoy is an Inflatable Signalling Device used to mark the divers location either underwater or after surfacing. A DSMB - or Delayed Surface Marker Buoy is generally inflated underwater during a decompression or Safety Stop.

3 Basic Types of Delayed Surface Marker Bouy or DSMB:

Basic DSMB
with an open bottom for inflation with an alternative air source
  • Most compact
  • Easiest to deflate
  • Most economical
Buoy opening must be held underwater to keep inflated
compact Pocket Buoy
All in One Surface Marker WDS

DSMB with with a Self-Sealing Baffle at the bottom which traps all air in the SMB until released via the Over Pressure valve & Dump Toggle .

The SM-7 includes a LP Inflator & Oral Inflation Valve. All Self-Sealing (Semi Closed) buoys can be filled with alternative air source / octopus
Pros-Remains full inflated on surface
Can be waved above head to attract attention
Ideal Decompression Dives
Cons- Takes longer to deflate and stow, Slightly larger stowage size
X- Marker, Surface Marker Pro, SM-7

Fully Closed (Sealed DSMB) Surface Marker Buoy

Sealed DSMB with Over Pressure Valve & Dump Toggle - can only be inflated via LP Inflator Valve or Oral Valve

  • Less air inlets
  • Well suited for Rebreather Divers, Decompression Divers and Snorkellers
  • Must be Inflated orally or with a LP Inflator hose
FC Marker sealed

What about Colours:

Orange Yellow Combo - is the most visible in all types of light conditions and is best suited for recreational divers
Orange - Generally used by Tec dives on Decompression Stops to signal all OK.
Yellow - Generally used by Tec dives on Decompression Stops to signal an Emergency
Pink - WOW! Actually studies have shown this a very visible colour for an SMB
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