Self-Sealing/ Semi Closed buoys are ideally suited for Liveaboard Divers or divers in remote locations. For Technical divers these are the ideal Deco Buoys for decompression dives.

The DSMB SM-7 has an additional valve that can be filled by blowing into the tube or via a LPI Hose (Low Pressure Inflator Hose).
The other major advantage Self -Sealing Buoys have is that they can be waved above your head to further attract attention. This is particularly useful in remote locations and Liveaboard dive trips.
The Self-Sealing baffle at the bottom opening of the Surface Marker buoy acts as a One-Way Valve and seals the air inside the buoy once inflated. The Self-sealing feature is an important aspect of a Deco Buoy as they must not spill air on the way to or when they reach the surface.
The expanding air is automatically vented from the Over Pressure Valve during the ascent. If the Dive Marker is not full inflated on the surface air can easily be added by purging your second stage into the opening at the bottom.
All our Surface Marker Buoys have the webbing strap at the bottom of the buoy attached to both sides to ensure that when pulling down on the SMB it will stand upright in the water. Self-Sealing Dive Markers will remain fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle.
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