Compact Diving SMB

Dive buoys come in various versions. The simplest and most compact buoy is an Open Ended Diver Signal Tube.

These open ended SMB's are easy to fill / easy to deflate and roll up in a compact bundle for easy stowage.

The Surface Marker WDS is an All In One - Diver Marker Buoy and Deployment System in BCD attachable Carry Pouch. Our best SMB since 2006 has remained unchanged and is used by dive professionals world wide.

More All In One Diver Marker Buoy Sets

The Pocket Buoy is the ultimate compact buoy that will fit into even the smallest BCD pocket. This rugged little guy can be found in Rental BCD's all over the globe as it will meet the basic diving SMB requirement for having a Diver Marker Buoy.

Go here for Self-Sealing Diver Marker Buoys

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