X-MARKER [orange-yellow]

  • L 145cm | W 15.5cm | Lift 7kg
  • Self-Sealing with Over-Pressure Valve
  • SOLAS Reflective Tape
  • Compact Stowage Secured by Elastic Cord
  • Welded and Taped on both Edges
59,00 €
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  • Delivery time: 1 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)


A medium size SMB suitable for all types of diving activities.
It is compact enough to fit into most BCD pockets.
When fully inflated large enough to provide a good visual aid for the boat crew.
Easy to inflate and deploy.
The X - Marker has the advantage that it can be waved above your head for attracting attention without spilling air.

Video (engl.)

Inflation / Deployment

The X-Marker is inflated by purging your 2nd stage into the open end. The Self-Sealing baffle at the bottom opening of the buoy acts as a One-Way Valve and seals the air inside the buoy. This type of Surface Marker Buoy will remain fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle.

The Details

The long webbing loop at the bottom of the SMB can be pulled completely clear of the opening for easy inflation.

As the webbing loop is stitched onto either side of the X-Marker it will stand upright in the water when tension applied to the line.

The SOLAS Reflective Tape at the top on both sides increases night & daytime visibility


Type: Self-Sealing
Valve: Over Pressure Valve
Color: orange-yellow
Size: L 145cm - 57" | W 15.5cm - 6"
Set: Buoy only
Custom Print: optional
Lift: Lift 7kg - 15.5lbs
Circumference [inflated]: 28 cm - 11"
Item weight: 0,19 kg