SM-7 [yellow]

  • L 145cm | W 15.5cm | Lift 7kg
  • 3 Inflation options: - 2nd Stage / Inflator Hose / Oral Valve
  • Self-Sealing with Over-Pressure Valve
  • SOLAS Reflective Tape
  • Compact Stowage Secured by Elastic Cord
  • Welded and Taped on both Edges
72,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Delivery time: 1 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)


Mid size SMB suitable for recreational or Tec Divers as a Deco SMB.

With the 3 inflation options divers can choose which option is best suited to their equipment configuration and personal style.

  • Inflate with your Alternate Air Source via the bottom opening
  • Inflate with your Low Pressure Inflator Hose (LPI) via the non - locking LP valve
  • Oral inflation by pushing down on the LP valve and blowing into the tube

Video (engl.)

Inflation / Deployment

The Self-Sealing baffle at the bottom opening of the buoy automatically seals the air inside the buoy regardless of the inflation options used.

This type of Surface Marker Buoy will remain inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle.

The Details

The Low Pressure Inflator Valve insert is manufacture out of Chrome plated Brass for extra durability.

Initials can be printed at the very top of the SMB for instant recognition by your support team.

SOLAS Reflective Tape for increased night & daytime visibility.


Type: Self-Sealing
Valve: no valve
Color: Yellow
Size: L 145cm - 57" | W 15.5cm - 6"
Set: Buoy only
Custom Print: optional
Lift: Lift 7kg - 15.5lbs
Circumference [inflated]: 28 cm - 11"
Item weight: 0,22 kg