• L 175cm | W 21cm | Lift 19kg 
  • Self-Sealing with Over-Pressure Valve
  • Light Stick Holder
  • Top Handle
  • SOLAS Reflective Tape
  • Stainless Steel Ring on Bottom Strap
  • Secured by Elastic Cord
  • Carry Pouch for BCD
  • Welded and Taped on both Edges
  • Can be Customized with your Name

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SM Pro

A simple case where bigger is better.

When diving in remote locations with a surface swell you want to make sure you are spotted.

A large SMB is significantly more visible in the big wide ocean.

With 19kg of lift the SM Pro is ideal for Decompression dives and can double up as a lift bag.

Video (engl.)

Inflation / Deployment

The SM Pro is inflated by purging your 2nd stage into the open end.

The Self-Sealing baffle at the bottom opening of the buoy acts as a One-Way Valve and seals the air inside the buoy.

This type of Surface Marker Buoy will remain fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle.

The Details

  • Top Carry Handle - Strobes or Message Slates can be attached
  • Light Stick Holder - For Light Sticks during Night Dives
  • Extra Long Webbing Strap - Diver can rest a knee in the loop e at the surface to help hold the SMB upright during extended surface waits
  • Stainless Steel Ring - Allows frictionless movement of deployment line to ensure the buoy will always be upright when tension is applied on line


Type: Self-Sealing
Valve: Over Pressure Valve
Lightstickholder: SOLAS Reflective Tape
Color: pink
Size: L 175cm - 69" | W 21cm - 8"
Set: Buoy & Carry Pouch
Custom Print: optional
Lift: 19kg - 41.88lbs
Circumference [inflated]: 38cm - 14.96"
Item weight: 0,37 kg