The WDS ™ is a compact & easy to use solution for deploying your Surface Marker Buoy for your Safety Stop at depth of 5-5m (15-18ft).

The WDS consists of 5.5m (18ft) long and 2cm (6/8”) wide red and white “Surface Marker Webbing” with a large 316 Stainless Steel ring at one end and a Marine Brass Snap Hook at the other. At the lower end of the WDS where the Stainless Steel Ring is attached is a small Brass Eyelet which incorporates an Elastic Bungy Cord and a Cord Stopper. The function of which is to secure the webbing before and after deployment in order to keep everything tidy and ready for deployment.

WDS folded
Webbing Deployment System
Euro Divers Maledives

By setting up the WDS in the manner described in the Instructions (link) your WDS does not need to be unfurled or unrolled before use. There are no moving parts or knobs that need to be adjusted before deployment. Simply place the Stainless Steel Ring over your thumb on your left hand, ensure that all webbing and webbing loops and the buoy itself are on the outside of your forearm (away from your body and equipment) and fill with your alternate air source as per the instructions pdf.

WDS Deployment
WDS Deployment
WDS Deployment

The WDS will unfurl itself as your Surface Marker Buoy makes its way to the surface. In the unlikely event that this does not unravel as easily as it should, or you have deployed deeper than the operational depth, simply open you thumb and let the large polished Stainless Steel Ring slip off your thumb.

The WDS is weight optimized ensuring that your buoy will not spill air on the way to the surface or on the surface itself. The weight of the Snap Hook and Stainless Steel Rings ensure that all parts of the system are negatively and if the WDS is completely released (assuming the buoy has been filled with air) the WDS will always keep the opening of the buoy underwater so that the buoy does not spill and deflate. The large Stainless Steel Thumb Ring provides that the whole WDS system is negatively buoyant and once deployed will not pose a free floating entanglement risk.

Surface Marker WDS come as a complete unit and does not need any modifications or the purchase of additional reels or spools to be used.

Advantages of the WDS
  • Quick and Simple
  • WDS and Buoy can easily be held in the same hand
  • Greatly reduces the risk of entanglement
  • Complete System with Training Videos
  • Compact
  • No moving parts
  • Long Lasting Components
Deployment & Retrieval
Both the deployment and retrieval of the SMB with the WDS is easy.

Both the deployment and retrieval of the SMB with the WDS is easy and can be simulated on land before the dive in order to ensure mastery of this simple skill.
Do not loosen the Cord Lock and Elastic Cord on the WDS before deployment.

The WDS system is designed to unfurl itself on deployment and thereby eliminates having a loose line dangling beneath you.

Please read the deployment instructions