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In the last five years diver training agencies across the globe have paid more attention to the use of surface markers as an important skill for all divers to have, even those at entry level. Here we take a look at the options available through PADI.


The Egyptian Red Sea has for a long time been one of the most popular destinations for European divers; offering warm, clear water, big fish, wrecks and stunning coral reefs. Whether divers opt for shore based resorts or week long liveaboard trips the experience is always something that has one longing to repeat.


Has a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) become part of your regular dive kit yet? If not you should think about making this item an essential piece of gear for every dive. Here’s why


A DSMB is primarily used by divers to signal to the surface support where they are, especially useful in locations of heavy boat traffic or remote areas where strong currents can be expected. However there are several other ways to utilise this essential piece of diving equipment. Susie and Thomas Erbe share some of their thoughts and insights…


Raja Ampat, in the far East of the Indonesian archipelago, has rapidly become a major dive destination.


When I learned to dive in the 1990’s the use of an SMB was never really thought of nor encouraged.


Each time we go diving we must rely upon our training and experience to stay safe under the water. No one wishes to run into an emergency situation but we all learn the techniques required to manage them. What follows is an account of one of those times my buddies needed to rely upon their experience to get through.

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