Surface Marker BuoysWDS X Marker WDS Deluxe Marker Surface Marker Pro X Marker FC Marker WDS 5.5 WDS 5.5 Video

  • Robust still lightweight

  • Tear & abrasion-resistant

  • Weather Resistant

Outerlayer Inner Layer
  • Doesn't stick together

  • Doesn't burst

  • Stays soft & flexible even in cold weather

Strong HF Welded Seams reinforced with black nylon strap


Buoys for every Diver

Wds 5.5 & Safety Stop

Safe & userfriendly.
Easy handling, wide openings and loops

Every dive is different, every diver individual. Find the buoy which suits you best.

Making it safer and simpler to deploy your Safety Sausage or Delayed Surface Marker Buoy from your safety stop. (Click here for Video)

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